Steel Fabrication

At ABFI Steel Group we specialise in large diameter steel tubulars and also offer a full range of steel fabrication services.

Steel Pile and Pipe Manufacture

Customised to your requirements and specifications:

  • Diameter, Thickness, Length & Steel Grade

Addition of:

  • Shoes (flush inside or outside)
  • Transitions
  • Lifting lugs and pitching holes 
  • Teeth, Turning slots, Diaphragm plates, Clutches, Site Bevels 
  • Driving heads & vibe bars
  • Depth markings

Over length or width? No problem, ABFI will arrange delivery to your nominated site using certified offset racks or Dhatec system 88 bolsters, free of charge.

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Non-Destructive Testing

(UT & MPI) performed by a third-party NATA accredited testing companies
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Delivery by professional drivers to your site, no matter how remote, on time, in full.
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Galvanising, Blast and paint via accredited third party applicators
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Civil & General Steelwork

Formwork for piling collars/sleeves as well as metal components for power, water and gas infrastructure.